January White Water Skills Trip

Saturday 31st January 2015 – White Water Skills Trip, River Kent

Mike H kindly offered to lead a `skills session` and John H, Charlotte H,

Bruce McL and Brian C took up the opportunity. We met by the bridge and

village green in Burneside on a very cold but sunny morning. Logistics sorted

we drove to Staveley and put in on the river Kent via the recreation ground,

just upstream of the confluence with the river Gowan. Water levels were

fairly low but this gave lots of opportunity for confidence boosting practice, in

and out of eddies, ferry-gliding etc, particularly for John and Charlotte, and

all under the watchful eye of Mike. Further downstream a small weir provided

some `standing wave fun` for all abilities; some happy just to get onto the

wave and sit there, others spinning turns and suchlike. Next up was a chance

for Bruce to take control, assess the hazards and safely negotiate the group

through a small section of rapids. Then the crux of the trip; the Cowan Head

weir and rapid. Everyone got on the bank by the fish-pass to view the

challenge below and analyse the hazards – many! Three brave souls opted for

the descent whilst Charlotte and John happily stayed on terra firma and

walked round the rapid to re-join the somewhat wetter team. The remainder

of the trip was relatively straight-forward with the two weirs at Bowston and

Burneside negotiated on foot. Interesting to see the new Archimedean screw

churning the water at the Croppers hydro-scheme as we passed on the final

reach. All in all, a really enjoyable river journey which provided valuable

experience for all ability levels present, and all due to Mike’s thoughtful


John Hooson

Sign-up for Cumbria League 24/1/15 Penrith

The next Cumbria league tournament Saturday 24th Jan

Add you name to the list on the forum. We are hoping to enter a novice team, a ladies team, an A team and an old boys + others team. Please sign your name on forum( polo page)if you would like to play.

There will be a novice competition first for the less experienced players, followed by a normal rules competition for those with some playing experience. Entry fees will be about £25 for the novice teams (shorter games) and about £50 per team for the main competition (more, longer games).