Club report – Sea kayak pool session

Sea Kayak Rescues – Sunday 15th Feb
It can be confirmed that it is feasible to run a good session with 8 5m long
sea kayaks in the baths at Kendal!
Consideration had been given to canceling this session due to low uptake (half
term holidays!) but instead it was decided to run a session for sea kayakers
who could practice rolling and rescues in long boats without risking
hypothermia in the great outdoors! Two LCC members “booked” their places
but, as soon as the session was offered outside the club, remaining places
were taken within hours!
LCC & Penrith CC members and non-members (who contributed a little extra
financially, at least one of whom will subsequently join LCC) used the session
to great effect with Mike Powell lending a helping hand as well as putting on a
fine impersonation of a sculling Eskimo when he had a shot in Barry’s sea
kayak. From the start there was a lot of activity on the water and all those
present felt the session to be very valuable, especially given the time of
year; certainly something I would be happy to support / run again if the
opportunity arises.
Barry C.

Trip report – Coniston open boating

Club Trip, Saturday 14th Feb
Unfortunately the lack of rain or even snowmelt meant that the hoped-for
trip towards Keswick and the Greta was off. Instead Nicky, Step and Sue
Curley came along for an open canoe coaching session on Coniston. All were
relatively new to open boats and, despite the brisk westerly wind, made really
good progress, transferring their kayaking skills to these bigger boats, using
trim and heel to help manoeuve them up, down and cross wind. Travelling
backwards proved interesting and the group needed a little rounding up
following this particular exercise! No swimming though and a very pleasant
picnic in the sun gave us an opportunity to talk about how we might extricate
our group if the wind built up, etc. and so it was a box-lashed raft of four
paddlers towing empty boats behind that paddled back from Peel Island at
the end of a very enjoyable day.
A follow-up session on Monday saw Steph, Nicky and dad Steve out on the
water, journeying from Brown Howe into the top of the Crake and back with
lots more learning and skills development going on; so much so that the
youngsters are very close to going forward for their generic 2 star
assessment – well done both, another qualification to add to your 3* WWK!
If any club members would like to develop their kayak, sea kayak or canoe
skills, perhaps with a view to formalising things with 2* or 3* assessment, or
just getting out and paddling (especially mid-week), please get in touch with
me, Barry Curley.