Trip report – Galloway weekend

Galloway weekend.
Rain Wednesday , then more Thursday gave good paddling prospects for the
weekend. Mike H, Brian C, Rachel P and Ian Mc. from Ribble drove up Friday
evening for an early start Saturday. Our primary river was too low so we
diverted to the River Cree near Newton Stewart. Grade 4 for the first half.
The excitment started with some steep rocky rapids. Then continuous class 3
and often 4 we proceeded with some inspections. One portage brought us to
the 5m fall into a short box canyon. Mike cleaned it, a fine roll from Brian
brought success from disaster.
The following 3km saw more class 3 and 4 water which flowed one rapid to
the next, bringing us the road bridge smiling.
Sunday We headed for the river Scaur. The SEPA gauge indicated
paddleable levels. A kind farmer let us walk through a bog (field) to get to
the put in. Almost too shallow to begin, tow tributaries brought more water,
and bedrock narrowed the channel to bring almost constant grade 2 then 3
rapids. A very tricky narrower class 4 section required inspection before
more continuous grade 3. The grade 5 section was too rock strewn to
contemplate and required us to lower boats back into the river. A final trick
in the tail found the water pushing into undercut boulders, the alternative
a 5m twisting channel only just wider than a kayak – no problem.
Will you join us for another fun but challenging w/e in Galloway in the

Competition report – Wild water racing

LCC members in competition success –
LCC are now on the wildwater score chart. The race was held on the river
Lune on Sunday 8th of March.
Steph got silver but only managed 1 run and had to retire due to earlier
Nicky got gold
They are racing at the moment in the Wavehopper series run by the BCU
wildwater racing
If you are interested in taking part the rest of the series is
25th April at Prudhoe Newcastle
26th April at Carlisle
16th May at Wagon lane and then down to
HPP for the wavehopper finals which they are both qualified for now

Trip report – Rawthey, Duddon, Troutbeck

River Rawthey – Saturday 28th Feb
7 club members enjoyed an afternoon paddle from Sedbergh to the Lune
confluence. The water level was low but provide enough challenge and play
waves to entertain the team.
River Duddon – Sunday 1st Mar.
Sten Bruce Brian and Mike H tackled the Duddon from Seathwaite to Duddon
Bridge in low water. An early start saw up on eth river by 9.30 a.m. We
practiced many river skills including some trying involuntary rolling and fish
spotting from underwater. A few task attempted to hone whitewater skills.
A chilly trip say us finish just before it started to rain, Later as we arrived
back home the snow descended. Mike H
River Troutbeck – Sunday 1st Mar.
A small amount of rain and a small melt of snow brought the Troutbeck up.
Bruce Brian and Mike H met up with Will a guest from Windermere. A warm
day for a change. Bruce took the opportunity to build his river leader skills.
One inspection at the S bend, helped us all through without incident. The
final grade 4 rapid caught two rolls. Mike H