Mirror port!

Maryport sea kayak.
(Mike P, Phil, plus Peter and Heather from West Cumbria Canoe Club),

We met at Maryport for a short trip in the winter sunshine. Using some local knowledge from West Cumbria, we found a great launching point from a beach just south of the harbour, and set off North along the coast. Apparently there was a 1 knot following current, but it didn’t really make itself felt very much. The sea was ridiculously calm, with a barely perceptible swell as we progressed up to Allonby. We made steady progress through slack water, and stopped for lunch just short of the next headland, once the tide was starting to push us back. After basking in the sun for a bit, we paddled back directly into the sunshine across glassy calm seas. The wind picked up a bit over the last few miles, but with the tide again behind us, the biggest danger was staring into the setting sun.

We hit the beach about 4 hours after we set off with the sun dipping towards the sea.  Overall, not the most challenging coastline in Cumbria, but a grand day out.

EDEN. Where it all began – for Steve.

River Eden 16/12/17 Brian , Matt, Andy M. Mike H, Steve, Ian H , Ian Mc and Guest (Will) Cold -1oC at Lazonby Bridge, Fog hung in the air.

Some banter with Cumbria Canoeists open canoe group.

200m After etc start. Lazonby Bridge, arch 2, hidden danger. We floated through the right side of the arch. Hidden 10 cm under the water a fat tree. It could not be seen until it was too late. Lean on it, nothing to lean on. So under we went, under the water, under the tree! Fortunately no side branches so we all washed under PHEW! 2 swimmers one roller. Those upstream could not believe what they saw, but avoided the unseen hazard. The river 0.74 On the Temple Sowerby gauge- supposedly low. True enough but still oodles of water and play waves. Soon the rapids came, mostly wave trains followed by flatter sections, with the odd rock to catch the unwary. Steve did so well- his first river trip surviving the rapids but the eddy lines had their fun a few times. After he resolved to do better next time.

The Eden gorge is characterised by the high sandstone cliffs, which are always more impressive than one remembers. The rapids continued to amuse with some descent play waves. The fog descended and the cold remained- thank goodness for dry suits. Lunch was delayed until the end. The final weir taken as usual, on the left, down the wide slide into a hole.

Ian H Insisted we had chips and coffee in the pub before we dispersed. Thanks to Brain for organising

Cumbria polo tournament 25/11/17

Lakeland Canoe Club had 2 teams in the Open league at this tournament.

Lakeland A Liam W Andy L  Connor H  Alex W Joe W

Lakeland B  Nigel E   Fran W Emily W    Jemma P   Mike P

Penrith had 3 teams, Carlisle had 1, so 6 teams in all, with each team playing 5 matches.

Lakeland A: Won 5.  Going into the last game of the tournament, Lakeland A and Penrith A had each won 4 out of 4, so the last game between them was the crunch.  Lakeland A won 6:3.  Overall position: 1st.

Lakeland B: Won 3, lost 2, to Lakeland A and Penrith A.  Lakeland B had very close games with Penrith A and B, winning one 3:2 and losing the other by the same score.  Overall position: 3rd.

Time to reflect

Leven Estuary 3/12/17

It was a fine warm day to find the tide late.

So we paddled out to meet it.  Finding a stranded dolphin. Or tree root!


It was fine day until the cold air rolled in bringing fog!

Visibility down to 20m

But so atmospheric


It was a fine day until one of our group  did a flat fish inspection under the viaduct.

And then impersonated a beaching!

Well he had a dry suit.


It was fine day as the fog cleared and the wind just ceased.

Like paddling on a mirror.


On reflection  Mike, Sten and Steve were glad to have the time and space to contemplate such a splendid day. NOT a bad first sea trip for Steve.

 Crake  2/12/17


The floods had come and gone. But we are fortunate to have lakes, which dealay the endless flow of water to the ocean.

So we have the opportunity to paddle when all other rivers are too low.

A fine day welcome to Dave on his first club outing, with a fun play trip on the Crake.

NW Div. 4 polo – A learning curve

The first outing for Lakeland’s team in the North West league showed room for improvement, the first game against the Brunswick U18’s proving a warm up for our defense with a loss of 5/1, Joe Waite our goal scorer. The second match against Penrith B, a much better result, we provided good defense, a cracking on target long shot by Gemma Powell collecting our goal, with the final score 2/1. Our last match of the night against Hammerheads, resulting in a 4/2 loss. Our goals by John Watkins and top goal scorer Joe W both managing to find the net through a sea of defense paddles.