A tale of two estuaries

Friday  2nd Feb. Mike H, Ian Mc, William = 1  guest

Arnside and out into the bay.

A fantastic day.  Blue sky, no wind, snow on mountains, water flowing in estuary.

It seems every time the route followed by the river channel changes. Since January it moved towards Grange Over Sands, then headed off towards Humphrey Head, before a long long curve out into the bay. The incoming tide front waves arrived but only broke to enable us to surf on the right. A big suck to the right. It came and went, sometimes larger, sometimes just a green wave.  As we approached Holme Island the wave broke right over etc rocky outcrops, and so ensued very bodily and swirly  conditions.

Soon the wave reformed for the next 2 km to New Barn Bay, but aghast we saw a person , casually walking out onto the sand , 1km from the shore. Who was he? was he mad?  Casually taking pictures, he seem oblivious of the incoming  tide, the speed and depth to which it might very soon attain. Seems like a crazy risk to us. After a warning word he walked swiflty to the shore… we assume he made it………

Saturday 3rd Feb. Mike H, Ian Mc, William = 1  guest

Ulverston and out into the bay

Mike H, Sten, Brian Andy M.

Well it was supposed to be so wet and heavy rain, but as we meet at Greenodd only cold overcast skies greeted us. A short shuttle to Canal Foot and off into Morecambe Bay. The outgoing tide and river flow enabled us to travel 6km in 75 minutes, before the flow of the incoming tide reversed our direction, No sign of a wave front today. The 6km back took a mere 50 minutes to the Leven viaduct, where the incoming water paused, before pushing on through the 1km wide rapid between the viaduct arches. Boils survived, a gentle float gave us time to appreciate  the birdlife and surf the odd wave as the water battled to fill the estuary. Some greeting from fishermen at the get out was much warmer than the now below zero air temperature.


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