Another episode of ‘Up a creek a tiny bit of a clue…’

At the end of a very positive morning I felt much less inclined to restructure my Redline kayak with a chainsaw; although it did manage to exact its usual punishment – instantly rewarding  misdirection and wrong-sided lean on my part and giving it its usual swill out (fortunately up-stream of the sewage works…)
I had taken up the offer of some basic tuition on a flatter but flowing section of the Kent upstream from Scroggs Weir and was extremely lucky to have Mike’s undivided attention. Lots of patient, well-explained advice and plenty of demonstrations – it looks so easy!
Some breaking in and out and then back to the cars to move upstream into Kendal. My car loaded with boats, kit inside – along with the keys. Here we have a mixture of two parts numpty (me) to one part over-zealous security on the part of the Skoda, it decided to lock itself, necessitating a speedy round-trip to home to collect another set of keys…
Back to the river and an enjoyable, dare I say – fun, trip back downstream.  Starting to surf waves.
The ornithological interest being provided by: grey wagtail, heron, dipper, little grebe, jay, oyster catcher, black-headed gulls, mute swans, red-breasted merganser, mallard and, what was possibly, an otter  but more likely a mink.Little Grebe, Flixton GP, 27-Aug-05 (B1) L
It is more fun fun my way!- the little grebes efficient on and under the water.

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