Canoe Polo at Penrith

1st Dec 2019

Penrith hosted a friendly Cumbria tournament on 1st Dec.  6 teams played, from Lakeland, Lancaster University, Duddon and Penrith, who spread their best players across their 3 teams.

Lakeland comprised Liam, Andy, Frances, Mike and Kylan, who was playing in his first tournament for the club.  Lakeland emerged as winners after winning every game, with Andy as our top scorer and Kylan scoring at least one goal in every game.  Our closest game was an exciting 4:3 vs a Penrith team.  Frances brought the coveted Cumbrian Trophy to the tournament, and left still holding it!


All enjoyed the tournament, which featured competitive games played in good spirits.  Thanks to Penrith for hosting, and a special thanks was given at the end to Tim M for his time as Chairman of the Penrith club.

Next tournament: 26 Jan 2019, at Kendal.

Mike P


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