Improvers session 2

Wed 28th Nov.  Mike H, Phil, John S , John, Eric Sue S .

With low water levels we aggregated at Rigmaden Bridge  and proceed to Railway falls on the Rawthey. At 0.8 on the gauge the Rawthey would provide suitable learning opportunities. A flat pool and shingle rapid were negotiated.  The team took advantage of the large eddies to hone the basic river skills. Some wobbles, but fish seeking avoided, On towards Middleton Bridge, the rapids longer and more rocky cope with by all. Then class 3 under Middleton bridge- big smiles followed the lack of capsizes.

Onto the Lune Confluence -oops 2 flows, boils eddies – all too much to consider. Fish inspection revealed no fish- even after 3 attempts. The tricky wave train negotiated, and many more class 2 rapids came and went. Soon all in control and masters of their own destiny. Such a pleasure to see a big improvement  in just 2 hours.


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