Midweek group, Phil. Mike H, John H, Martin , Rachel and guests Tom

Gauge 0.45 Medium – but plenty. Monday 17th Dec

The various  suggestions were reduced to one, the Ribble from Helwith Bridge to Settle, with the infamous twin bridges section.  Soon after the start the speed of the flow increase. The gradient increase, the boulder size increase. The route not at all obvious, unless you recall but from last time, or follow that chap in front.  but still it isn’t at all obvious until you just see it before you slide over.  Some ever so steep piles into holes and cushions, ahh!  but all just run through nicely- just keep  relax keep it pointing downstream and steer and support and breathe. Adrenaline levels increase, shouts of joy or was it relief from Tom. Super in fact. Then the same again, only more of it.


After you- no after you , I insist!

Stainforth force more exacting, more challenging, quite frankly more scary. 






Don’t be silly we portaged and  recalled how the seals do it.


More lovely waves, interspersed by longer flatter but flowing section followed. One even hid a square boulder to start the fish survey again. No harm done.  


 One angled weir, then a second more vertical. School kids clambered at the fences to watch. soon , too soon the final footbridge, hiding just upstream the  final grade 3. slope, hole, slope  waves through. wow is it only grade 3! a good finish if the truth be told



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