20 shades of grey

Mike H, Sten, Brian The  tide promised 9.7 m. On arrival at Arnside promenade there seems too much water. Tide time wrong. No but unusually only 5h 20 min been low and high water today.it was a chilly 4 degrees. Just dawn at 8.00, dull gray skies of so many shades reflected in the grey water.  Even the orange sand issued gray tinge.

Past New Barn bay, as always , tricky to find the deep water-this time , there was none so we walked through grey water  under grey skies, with a grey mood and cold feet.  300m w found a channel, which lead to a dead end! weird. Almost always the water flows past the small rocky islands just  off chapel island- not today. Just a pool. Sten noticed a weak flow, Soon we were off heading almost parallel to where we had just been.  Ah the huge U in the channel was shielding back the flow form Arnside. The grey fog obscured the grey view, then all too soon out of the gloom, 40 minutes early, the incoming water  underwhelmed us. We turn and followed, and were rewarded with 10 minutes of ever so quiet surfing on a small grey and white breaking wave and a few smooth grey waves. Only the boat colour destroying the drabness

fullsizeoutput_4e2More browny grey water flowed over the sands to out right. As we paddled past New Barns bay, Sten gave good chase, for meagre rewards. well at least we saw a lovely white egret.


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