I like it when a plan works.

Last week we left the Crake for another day hoping it would be at a better level in a weeks time and it was, a very nice level of 0.54.

Saturday saw us gather at the bus shelter, lots of chatter and excitement. Shuttles arranged and we head up the Crake valley to the put in on Coniston water.

Warm up as we paddle down the lake. The improvers had a look at the first rapid, a grade 3 in the guidebook and not without it’s complexities, not just a one feature but two or three problems to solve and of course linking them all together with those awkward little in between bits. Only one entered the learning zone! the usual trees to take care of and some nice play waves. and more learning zone opportunities.

Bobbin Mill rapid proved, not for the first, very exciting but at 0.54 with eddies and choice of lines. One more the learning zone was entered followed by coffee and cakes in Greenodd, a new cafe for a team, ever willing to go to extremes searching out the perfect latte and scone.


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