One bridge too far

The Bowston Gauge on the Kent showed 0.45, a fine level for our intended trip improving river skills. The Kent from Staveley is grade 2 with plenty of small rocky rapids as long as you portage the grade 4 Cowan head weir and long rapid.

The shuttle to Burneside found us watching a huge crane holding up the new road bridge at Burneside in place. An engineer warned us not to go near.

John S,  his mate from IOM , Sue, Mike , Tom ( guest) and Pet prospective new member set off with the aim of refining breaking in and out, using bow rudders to assist. The river level provided ample opportunities to choose a selection of routes and with increasing success in achieving the desired routes. Some bold attempts and the odd boiley eddy lines resulted in a few visits to the learning zone, alas no crayfish were spotted.

Cowan head portaged, and playtime on a few surfing waves resulted in lots of smiles and more crayfish hunting. Good thing those rolls worked first time.

The three tiers of Croppers weir were particularly sucky, but the  left slide offered insufficient water for a long slide.

A few more surf waves and we passed the last bridge to view the huge crane. Fortunately  the engineers were on lunch break  but the bridge was balanced on it’s parapets, so we sneaked under. As we crossed the village green to the cars, an engineer enquired, and then laughed  when we informed her that we had done a risk assessment.





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