Kent Estuary 22/2

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADave E and Mike H head out form Arnside on a calm, warm, yes warm! February Friday.

Finding the main channel proved tricky with bright sun reflecting off the water or was it just wet sand! We located the narrow drain channel just off Holme Island to connect to the old  river channel. Further out the river widened to 400m, too wide for a bore surely.  We were joined by 5 other paddlers from Preston as the wave front of the 10.3m tide arrived; 20 minutes before expected; as a green glassy wave which grew and fell with no reason. The narrow channel took some water and a breaking wave formed for 400m  despite most of the flow finding the old channel.  A brief stop at Arnside to let the upper basin fill, followed by  a zoom under  the viaduct, saw us cover 3km in 15 minutes, to our awaiting car at Sandside. Nice one.

Mike H


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