Tasty Mint

Phil, Mike, Tom, Tom, decided to descend the Mint with  0.63 on the gauge. Another overnight spike eluded us, low but enough.

Te fish steps hid tight lines, for a clean descent of the ledges. The tree hazards removed so no portaging. In the large recirculating eddy, the river scores it’s first point claiming a roll by grabbing a paddle under a kayak on eddy line. All went smoothly, the sun emerged. The weir always a little exciting, until Meall bank falls. A tricky level, with the main line stopping all, in the hole at the bottom of the drop.

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River tried for 4 more points, but only gained one swimmer.

Phil – Meall bank falls

The slidey drop 400m downstream claimed another point as Phil almost landed on Tom’s upturned boat, as he just avoided being recirculated into the drop, whilst setting up his roll.  The final gorge section inspected as the entry is a little tricky.

Tom M entry to last rapids

All went well, but just around the corner the river boiled, between the final two drops, claiming a point from the other Tom.  Still a fine paddle that tested the team.



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