Lune coaching again.

Wednesday 27th. Our sixth trip to the Lune, we’re coming to understand why Mike enjoys this river so much.
On Wednesday the water level was the lowest we have seen. Can we do something on this? We decided to head down from Killington new bridge to the confluence with the Rawthey. With one car dropped down to the bridge near the Rawthey confluence, Mike, John S, Eric and Pete did a quick warm up on the calm and shallow water by Killington bridge. We then drifted down to the first weir, after a quick look over the edge the tow back seemed moderate so we all shot over without too much drama. Next an interesting series or rocky rapids, good play spots and eddies to practice on. Some quick flows to practice breaking in and out. All going well so far.
Then the big weir at Broad Raine. Much work has been done and very different from how Mike remembers it. Mike tells us stories of high drama in the stopper when the flow is high. Not too bad today, but the three novices wonder if we should portage. Decide if Mike makes it safely we will follow. All slipped over nicely, the stopper allowed us through. Eric decided to cool off after the excitement of the big weir in the next rapid.
Soon down to the Rawthey with much fun and little drama. A great little trip in two hours.
To Killington sailing club to spread a tonne of gravel as a warm down.
Much thanks to Mike S for running these sessions through Feb and March. With coaching input from Mike H, Phil and Mark, on occasions we had one on one coaching.
Hope our improvement did justice to their efforts….
Thanks from JohnS, Eric, Colin, Pete, Alex.

Friday cancelled -too low!!!



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