April’s Intro to River Running

Lakeland Canoe club kicked off April’s Intro to River Running series with a full course of 4 participants and some classic Eden!

After a brief warm up in the gentle water by the put on at Lazonby we began descending the river.
Approaching the first rapid Jon was leading from the front. Despite executing the rapid with style he was unfortunately caught out by a crafty eddie line at the end.
My heart was in my mouth. Cold water has a way of brining out the worst in people. Would I be greeted by happy…or the hulk? He burst to the surface with a big smile followed by laughter. The sun was shining. I knew it was going to be a great day. It wasn’t the last swim but was also not the last smile.
Fortunately Becca offered her paddle in tribute to the river gods and every thing began to fall into place.
We continued down the river working in pairs to take on the rapids and working on tactics. It was amazing to see such good decision making and enthusiasm from everyone.
Ed,Tess and Jon decided to finish with a flourish by taking on the left side of the weir at Armathwaite. I’m happy to report they all descended with the grace of a falcon.
Ed, Tess, Rebecca and Jon excellently paddle paddle paddled by all really well done!!
If you’re interested in attending any trip, check in with LCC’s calendar for availability.

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