April, intro to river running, session 2

After a week of excellent weather, conditions for river paddling were unfortunately not so excellent. The words “trip canceled” were beginning to creep into the air. Determined to find a venue we made a trip to Killington Gorge. Maybe the gauge was mistaken?

Of course, it wasn’t. A very, very low Lune greeted us. But walking to the end of the foot path, looking down at the river, a feeling of sweet relief rose. It looked brilliant! Lakeland Canoe Club’s Introduction to River Running 2 could go ahead.

Moving to the start of the gorge, Dave thought it was a good idea to begin the day demonstrating the rescue swimming position and swimming with/out a paddle. Absolutly a good idea but you have to question his sanity when he knows his dry suit is leaky. They say crazy is infectious. Moments after the demonstration Jon bounded into the water to try it as well.

Time to get in the kayaks. We opened in a nice big pool where we discussed, experimented with spin momentum and turning .After a couple of demonstrations and a bit of a play we paddled a twisty, windy circuit, seeing everyone improve with each loop.

We decended the Gorge testing our new skills, dodging rocks, catching eddies and crossing current. There was even just enough water for an exciting final rapid. After a short break we went back for another go, this time with more of a wacky racers theme, trying to relax a bit.

An amazing day and some great paddling. A reoccurring theme was trying to relax a bit more.

Have you ever felt tense or nervous paddling? A touch of the worries perhaps? Don’t despair, there’s a cure…more paddling.


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