It rained in at the start of June

Rain enough to wet the fields and allow run off. Some LCC member took tech opportunity. Friday-Duddon, Saturday-Kent, Sunday-Leven. A few pics.

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LCC Whitewater Kayak Trip Sunday 2nd June.

The call came out over the WhatsApp group on Saturday evening, “anybody playing out tomorrow (Sunday)?” and continued if there’s no further rain the Leven should be holding, and suggested Meeting at Low Wood at the Leven egress as a default plan for the Sunday morning at 10:00. 

There had been a bit of rain on the Friday and some members had been out the on the Saturday, so I think yeh I’ll have a bit of that, although there hadn’t been a lot of rain but if it the water level holds up there should be something (maybe) to wet the bottom of our Kayaks if not surely the Leven will provide some entertainment!

And it didn’t disappoint! So, with 4 paddlers signed up and as arranged arrived at Low Wood only to see that we had another paddler turn up that made it 5, a nice number so myself Ian McCrerie, Brian Clough, Matt Buttel, Mark McGuire, and the surprise addition John Hooson.

The day started out with a fairly relaxed feel to it or did it just feel that way because we didn’t have our normally present “task master” with us (no names) 😊. Anyway, I digress with the shuttle sorted we were on the river at a ok level not the lowest we had paddled but fair and promised an interesting days paddle.

The “Brick Chute” proved to be a little reluctant to let us paddle onto the wave and those that finally manage it were “allowed” off after only a quick “to and fro” between the walls it was w arm up trying anyway.

So it set the scene for a day of playing on the various features all the way down the river, for some reason a couple of our group took to exploring the river bed, “a fish survey perhaps” well you know us kayakers we like to keep our hand in with all manner of water related disciplines! 😊.

I must emphasise that the Back Barrow Bridge rapid was not among the list of fish survey sites!

So, a good day taking advantage of the Summer rainfall allowing us to keep our hand in with paddling skill or not as the case maybe!

The trip had one more skill in store for us to brush up on, coffee and cake at the Motor Museum café but off course for some reason this skill needed no “brushing up on”!

That’s all folks see you on the water soon.



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