Roeburn – a little treasure

The sea paddle cancelled due to strong winds, Which also brought heavy overnight rain.

Mike H, Sten, Brian, Ian Mc, Mark, John H, Matt

The Roeburn gauge take s water from the Roeburn and Hindburn. Level of 0.76 report dan 05.30 but rising seems promising.

By the time we met in the lay-by at Wray, the level 0.87 usually too low for Roeburn, and just enough for  Hindburn, However teh rain gods had been kind , as Roeburndale was flowing higher, indicating more rainfall it its’ catchment. In fact it was at a level usually with 1.1 on the gauge. still raining, so dull not good for pics.

Soon, the rocky  beck  took its’  toll, of those that attempted to make shallow eddies, only to find submerged rocks. At one point a swim,  boat trapped under a tree, 3 lines and soon all was recovered. Good team effort.

Always challenging, always grade 3, no respite. Concentration required, then oops the greta ascetic, slides. lines of stoppers, on and on and on.  Mark swivelled don a hidden rock , which Sten then rest on, before Brain knocked the rock downstream!!  More fish surveys.

Bets plan sty straight, Mark stuck on a rock on an island, help by Sten. Up went the support with a spare paddle. Down came the paddle. obviously it got fed up waiting for its’ owner.

Soon the inspection, shallow island, S bend, branches to avoid. Then what’s the medicine today, slid right, boof middle or plop left.  All went well, some fab boofs.

Don’t relax, more class3+ pushy  then rocky, why Ian decided to crawl upside down we never found out.  Grand slid pasty old mill and more and more, until , at last Wray.

The Hindburn confluence, and onto the bridge, Before Scones and banana loaf in Wary cafe.

A grand day out

Mike H





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