12th to 15th July 2019

A last minute Club calendar entry seizing the good weather opportunities! Pete and Linda set off to the Lleyn, a relatively undiscovered and beautiful corner of North Wales. This place is well worth a visit. There are safe and sheltered trips to be found, but a lure for me is Bardsey Island and the rugged exposed mainland coastlines. 

There are various approaches to Bardsey and they all need diligent trip planning and settled weather due to the strong currents, confused waters and over-falls in the sound. Great info in the Welsh Sea Kayaking guide.

We made the crossing from Porth Oer on the north coast. A great day out with just the right amount of excitement. On another of our days we did an Aberdaron based loop, with seals, puffins, dolphins and a great selection of the anticipated sea life.

I don’t intend detailing the trips here. Just to say really…..give the Lleyn a try if you haven’t done so already! I’m happy to pass on any wisdoms, which of course includes campsites, hostelries etc. And I’ll be going back!

Pete Riley

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