September – Brian and Mike H

During the week before, lots of looking at changing weather forecsast. Pembroke Cornwall? Suddenly Scotland looked good.

Still obsesssed with weather forecasts. Arriving at Arduine near Oban there was a force 5/6 blowin across the bay, forecast was for better weather tomorrow. What would take us 3 hours tonight would take us 3/4 hour tomorrow.

Finding a very convienient campsite next to Craobh Haven and off we went under the end of Luing and arrived just a little early for the flow to run through the Grey Dogs. Stopping for a brew the third otter of the day swam past totally oblivious to our presence.

Through the Dogs ( downhill)  supposed to eb slack water but  swell form previous day met the outgoing flow to produce 8′ waves with some curling tops.  The north to Belnahua, dodging/ using  tideraces to move onto a great campiste at the top of Luing at the entrance to Cuan Sound, watching tidal movement of yet another tiderace.

Back to Craob Haven next day, then off to Oban and a ferry to Colonsay, kayaking arriving at 7.45 pm.  into Loch Staosnaig for camping just before dark

Next day headed south the west  through the Standings and a circumnavigation of Oronsay , so many seals and back to the Standings, a little wait, a brew for the tide to fill in and over to a campsite ob the SW tip of Colonsay.

Once again a fairly intense bit of weather forecast analysis was foiled by a high pressure to the south not moving quite fast enough towards us, so winds now coming from the west and not south, quite strong too. Lets go a walk – Ben Orosay.

Final day round the island and back to Scakasaig (more otters of course), with an improving day.

Whilst sitting in the sun, drinking tea, Calmac ferry man leans over the rail ‘you do know the ferry is going to Kennacriag not Oban’ – Oban ferry had broken down.

Well we sorted it out, by 1 a.m. even it did involve taxis and a late night doss in golf club wooden hut – I thought I had given up dossing out years ago – happy days..

Great trip – Scotland always good.

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