From the Pennines to the lower Kent

Sat 28th Dec 2019

The planned trip into the Pennines to explore had switched and we settling for a low level run on the lower Kent.

The four (Mike H, Mark M, Brian and Ian) became five with a late addition of Simon. Meeting at the get out for 10am, and then up to Scroggs weir for the put in we were efficiently on the water by 10.40am for a very pleasant start. No gloves required.

Steady progress and a little bony in places (the level was 0.49) brought us to Prizet Bridge where we met up again with a group from Sheffield, they decided to put on here.

The following sections proved to be still plenty of fun and before we new it we were at Force falls for the finale. Two rolls were required, myself on Gun barrel and Ian on the last drop. 

This was all completed however in just 1 hour 10 mins and left a few of us wishing for more. The plan then was that I loaded all the boats in the van whilst cars were collected and off to the Leven for a short run down to Back Barrow bridge. Simon decided he’d had enough so the five became four again.

Although quite busy (we bumped into the lads from Sheffield again) with little choice over where to paddle group’s spread out and there was plenty of room to play. The Leven was low but still ok to run the bridge and cover the main central boulder, 0.94 earlier that morning.


Surfing and practicing rolls etc down over the many play waves before all safely through under the bridge. 

A good finish, which only took another hour and with everyone changed it meant only one thing, a fruit scone or cake at the motor museum washed down with a latte.


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