The Eden flows

Saturday 04-01-2020

With very little water about there was not much choice of rivers to paddle, so the decision as to where to go was left right up until the last minute just in case the rain God visited us overnight! Well he didn’t so the only river with enough water to give entertainment was the classic River Eden.

So a 9:30 meet at Jct 36 to car share and off we went to Lazonby for the put in, Mike suggested a longer trip down to Wetherall a quick measure on the map and it was discounted on this occasion due to the daylight window and just as well as the paddle to Armathwaite to over 3 hours,

Yes 3 hours! Well you may ask why, did we have some issues? Yes we did  everything had to be played on and with 10 paddlers that takes some time.

Virtually using every eddy, playing on every wave spending time watching Brian up to his antics in his tiny boat “doing the moves” !

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The weir at Armathwaite was interesting, usually run river left however with the water at this level we could run river right just to the right of the horrible hole, having done this a number of the group carried back up to run the river right and some ran it again but down a drop through a narrow slot, all without incident, so to the egress and a visit to the Fox & Pheasant for well-earned refreshment !

So despite the lack of rain it ended up as a very good paddle and was enjoyed by 10 paddlers, Rachel p, Martin P, Dave G, Mike H, Brian C, Rob H, Mark M, Sten S, John H and Myself 


. Thanks all great fun.


Ian M

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