Not too minty

8th Jan
After an over night drop in river levels from “promising” to “not sure; it might be too low” seven paddlers finally came to a decision where and when to paddle. The Mint was low at 0.57 but it kept us on our toes more than loosing plastic.
A473BB5E-36C0-4EF0-AD9B-3E45B2B6406EGarlic weir claimed one victim. Meal Bank rapid gave a lesson in boofing as the line of choice today was on the right.
The final long rapid proved to be tight and technical with one victim. Mike P got pinned as he was trying to change line to follow Mike H but Dave pulled him off with line.
A few strokes later, before he was settled back in to paddling, he was caught out by another rock and decided to inspect the river bed. The gauging weir was surprisingly sticky today.
Todays paddlers were: Mike H, Mike P, Mark H, Dave G, Pete R, Andy M and Rachel P.
written by Rachel

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