Thank god for the Duddon.

Peer trip, last minute.  09/10/20 Advanced

Well when you’re ready to go and you’ve planned the day off work, there’s nothing more disappointing than a cancelled river trip.  Not much rain the night before left Brian struggling to find us a river to paddle, so (I’m sure)with a heavy heart the calendar trip was cancelled. 

A quick scan of the levels on rainchasers and hey ho the Duddon was up to medium (just). With a scrambled message to LCC what’s app river group to see if anyone was up for getting out I waited. Rob was quick to reply with a definitive yes.

Fortunately for both of us the Duddon is our local river so only 25 minutes to the egress. (Unlike the three lads that had traveled all the way from Manchester, which we met when we were getting off the river)

10.15am meet then and once changed we were on our way to the put in, which this time was new to me as we decided to put in at Seathwaite and Tarn Beck. This welcome addition with some nice grade 3 boulder gardens added an extra 15mins to the trip. 

With the river covered and no scrapes we made our way down stream challenging ourselves to find the hardest route through the boulders. Playing in the waves and spinning on rocks (well trying to) we were soon at Jills folly. Memories of a recent trip and seeing that it wasn’t as clean a line as would like we opted for the chicken route on the left. 

Next the gorge section which was great fun and flowing nicely. Soon we were at Ulpha bridge so a 5min stop and a Scooby snack was well earned. 

Once on our way again the sun that had blessed us for most of the way relented to a barrage of heavy sleety rain. This didn’t last long though and the sun was soon out again. More boulder rapids then Rawford bridge. No inspection required so a run round the right was the selected route, and both successfully. 

Before long the fun was over and we were at Duddon bridge, with big smiles and two and half hours of memories. 

A brilliant river at all levels it’s a river you just can stop loving. 

Thanks to Rob for keeping me company 

Mark M

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