Sea kayak rescue session – A

The Coniston 6 – Do We Really Have to Get in that Cold Water? 

Am I a softie? I’m sure the other 5 in Sue’s Bubble A must also have felt cautious about committing to 4 hours of lake immersion in Autumn. But we turned up to a 12 degree air temperature, a healthy amount of sunshine and surprisingly ‘warm’ water.

What a great session. Sue sharing some of her 5* sea kayak training, and others parting with decades worth of accumulated wisdom. Various towing methods were tried and compared, and of course, lots of immersion and re-entry. And chats about equipment and various other techniques.

A really useful and enjoyable day with plenty of laughs as well as learning. Long live Sten’s inverted thumb technique, Sue’s kitesurfing improvisation and John’s whistle.

Paddlers: Sten and Angela, Pete and Linda, Sue, John H.

Pete Riley

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