Sea kayak rescue session – Bee


Sue’s “double bubble” of sea kayakers headed south to test and refresh their rescue skills. 
With Sue’s A bubble claiming Coniston Water, the Bee Bubble headed for the south end of Windermere. Put on at 10.00 above the weir on the Leven at Newby Bridge, John S, Ray C, Richad M, and doubling up in a beautiful Valley twin sea kayak, Andy L & Elsie R.
A gentle paddle upstream in sunshine to Fell Foot we climbed ashore to chat about safety routine and planning and equipment. While the sun shone we agreed our plan for on and in the water. Peer rescues and self rescues were planned and Andy and Elsie discussed the best plan to self rescue in the double kayak. Ray rescued John, Richard rescued Ray then on to the big one.

Richard rescues Ray

Valley over, Andy tried a role with two aboard. Not quite, Elsie exited and up came Andy, successful role!

Next both in the water, Elsie braces, Andy clambers in, boat steadied and Elsie clambers aboard. Success and much learned on recovery of a double sea kayak.
John then tried to rodeo up the back of his kayak, nearly made it, but Help-was required to get back in. Finally Richard gave a master class in the use of a paddle float. Two minutes to inflate and do a solo re-entry. I wonder if that paddle float for sale on Mike’s news letter is still available!

Back to the put in on the Leven for 1pm. An enjoyable and very useful exercise.

John S

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