High on the Ingleton Greta

8th January 2022

The day started with no water in the rivers so decisions about where to go were a bit of a guess.  We met at the bottom of the Roeburn but it was massive and rising so we scuttled off to somewhere we thought might be lower.

Not much water at the takeout of the Ingleton Greta: Oh well that will do: enough to paddle but nothing different.  By the time we had got to the top the warm rain (8 deg C; balmy after 3 deg C yesterday) had filled the river along with melting the snow and bringing that too. It was now rather high. The briefing focused on “Keep in the middle of the river” as to avoid the many tree branches now dangling in, rather than above the water. It was a blast and sometimes felt almost alpine with the speed of the water and the wave trains. The occasional eddy was used to bring down heart rates. The rapid after Burton bridge was notable with its larger than usual waves and holes along with a couple of other places to be avoided lower down. We inspected the main fall and we all soon decided the best line was on the bank bypassing both drops. The get out was the usual one at a time job, but the level was almost that of the bank: no steep clamber up today.

Not many pictures today as hands were mostly firmly on paddles.

Pictures are: Main fall and take out.

It was a real team trip today, so thanks everyone: Mike H, John H, Nigel H and Harvey A

Written by Rachel P

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