Canoe Polo

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Canoe Polo is a enjoyable team paddle sport. It can help to improve your paddling skills and make you more competent on rivers and sea. The regular sessions provide a social focus and taking part will improve you relief confidence and well being.

We always welcome new players and will coach you to give you he skills you need to take part in games and eventually take part in tournaments if you so wish.

We have a group of paddlers who play regularly and inter-club tournaments are arranged between local clubs allowing you the chance to show off your ball and paddle skills gained at the pool sessions on Sunday nights.

Equipment is provided, though some prefer their own decks and paddles (if they are not sharp!). £8 per session plus £2 for non members.

Polo sessions take place at Kendal Leisure Centre from 8.30pm till 9.30pm on Monday evenings. See the calendar for dates / details.  Numbers are limited.  Members will need to RSVP to book a place. Non members will be asked to complete a guest form before attending and then email the club to reserve a place.

All will need to pay in advance by BACS, details on calendar. Beginners / improvers are very welcome. 

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Please read this documents re COVID 18 and pool use.