What is club activity?

Club activities are defined as any activity that has been assessed as part of the club’s safety framework and promoted on the club calendar. Club activities also include inter-club activities where the responsibility for risk assessment and management is carried out and shared between all participating clubs. This is covered.

All events on the club calendar, whether ‘official’ or ‘peer’ to which you have RSVP are covered by BC third party insurance.

Club members organising their own trips, by what ever means, outside the club calendar are not considered to be club trips and are NOT covered by BC third party insurance.

if you haven’t RSVP to a club trip you are NOT covered by BC third party insurance.

To be clear, LCC is affiliatied to British Canoeing and gains third party insurance as a result. The insurance does not cover personal injury, nor damage or loss of equipment. If you require this level of insurance you are advised to arrange this for yourself.