Whitewater safety

With regards to Whitewater Safety and Rescue (WWSR). LCC strongly advises that you are responsible for your own safety when attending a club trip. You are also encouraged to contribute to the group safety.

A useful starting point is to ask yourself:  “Do I have the sufficient equipment and training of skills to be a competent member of this group,  to make a safe and effective contribution to this trip, on this river today?” How can I determine this?” By referring to the guidelines below.

LCC advises that the items listed below in river kit are carried as best practice. These recommendations reflect current thinking in British canoeing.

We also recommend that LCC members attend training to understand how to use the kit appropriately. This can be on BC courses or through LCC training days which will be added to the club calendar.

It seems appropriate to think that all those participating in club trips are competent or at least working towards improving their WWSR awareness and competency.