Whitewater safety

White water safety skills

Here is a list of white water safety and rescue skills. You should be aware of, skilled and practiced in these skills appropriate the level of river trip you are participating in.

You can go on BC courses or attend LCC club sessions to learn or review your skills. We Recommend that you regularly practice the skill you have learned.

1Exit from kayak in event of capsize.
Swim to shore with kayak and paddle.
Know how to be rescued by a throwline.
Carry kit  for beginner paddle and know how to use it.
2I am aware of potential hazards on a river trip.
I know when to do active and passive swimming.
I can do a swimming self rescue using a paddle to help.
I can do and kayak to swimmer rescue as swimmer or rescuer.
I carry the kit for an improver paddle and know how to use it.
3I can do shouting rescue.
I can do reaching rescue.
I can do throw line rescue.
I can do a shallow water wading rescue.
4I can recover a floating kayak and paddle.
I can assist another when recovering  a floating kayak and paddle.
I carry kit for intermediate paddle and know when and how to use it.
5I know how to position a kayak for rescues.
I know how to protect rapids.
I can do eskimo rescues as rescuer and rescues.
6I know when, and how to organise live bait rescues.
I am aware how to deal with entrapment rescues.
I can rescue an unconscious inverted paddler from kayak or as a swimmer.
7 I know the kit to carry for advanced paddle or intermediate leader and how and when to use it. To include throw line, knife, karabiners, chest harness on BA, whistle, prussic/ jumper, pulley, nuts/ friends, saw, spare paddle, emergency blanket / shelter first aid kit, phone or PLB, map? Torch, spare, clothing.
8I can do a self stopper rescue by deck opening  / slow swamping.
I can organise a stopper rescues – using empty kayak.
I can organise a stopper rescue  – using paddlers in kayak.
9I know how to retrieve a wrapped / pinned kayak.
I can arrange and use anchors, knots and pulleys to help in a rescue.
10 I have a split kayak fixing kit and how to use it.