The club has official trips and peer trips throughout the year. You will need to have your own equipment, although the club has 5 river kayaks and a sea kayak and kit to hire to members. Trips will take place in a variety of locations from lakes, Cumbrian coast, on one of the many great rivers around the area and further afield. We arrange weekend and longer trips for sea and river kayaking. Dates and arrangements for club trips are  posted on the club calendar.

Official trips are: Led by a member with BC award or equivalent and who is listed as approved leader by club. Will include formal leading, coaching or instruction. The leader may be supported by others who are willing to be directed. A risk assessment will have been done. Maybe a cup of coffee afterwards

Peer trips are: a group of friends heading out for a paddle,  will not include formal leading, coaching or instruction.  It is very likely that there will be other very competent paddlers on trip, many have more experience than the organiser.  A fun trip where all look after safety for each other. More experienced paddlers may advise against paddling a particular rapid / weir /section on safety grounds. Maybe a cup of coffee afterwards.

LCC members are encouraged to add or join trips (by RSVPing)  on the calendar .

Find out more and sign-up for trips on the club’s calendar.

trips 2

The LCC Trips Protocol:

The trip co-odinator decides and adds information about the trip to LCC calendar . It is important that the organiser does this to take ownership of the event and so that they can amend details as necessary; trip details, meeting points, share lifts etc.

Calendar information to include :


0. event co-ordinator

1. Trip type: river / sea / lake. /canal / social  

2. Level of ability : beginner / improver / intermediate / advanced 

3. Date:

4. Venue :

5. Meet location / time :

6. Meet to share lifts at:

7. Anything else: 

Confirmation that the trip is going ahead and any last minute details will be notified on the calendar page,  in red,  at the start of the event entry.

At the venue, the organiser will communicate the group dynamic . This will take account of the river/ group size/ river level/ weather conditions/  level of experience of participants. This may include splitting into small separate groups,  looping through in pair or as individuals, all run together, plus other methods. We need to be flexible in our expectation.

Here is some brief guidance as to the levels of ability referred to for events. If you are unsure if a trip is for you, we advise that you seek guidance from the trip organiser.

Sea trips River trips
Beginner Need guidance and coaching to partake in a trip Need guidance and coaching to partake in a trip
Improve You will be confident in undertaking journeys on the sea, in winds up to and including force 3 and/or tides up to 1 Knot, using sea kayaks in tidal or non-tidal environments, with proficient skills to be in control throughout. YOU will need guidance. Use your skill, judgement and decision making to ensure a successful day on rivers up to grade 2. You will be confident undertaking journeys on moving water with proficient skills to be in control throughout. You will need guidance on some rapids.
Intermediate You have a good understanding of paddling on the sea. You should be confident planning and undertaking journeys on the sea in winds up to and including force 4 and/or tides up to 2 Knots, in a sea kayak or in tidal or non-tidal environments. Your confidence should be based upon both proficiency in skills and a broad appreciation of surroundings and environmental context. Your judgement, decision making and expertise and requires a good understanding of paddling on grade 3 rivers. You should be confident undertaking journeys on a variety of white water rivers up to garden 3 with maybe the odd grade 4 fall. Your confidence should be based upon both proficiency in skills and a broad appreciation of surroundings and environmental context. Your roll is mostly successful.
Advanced Your experience enables you to make appropriate decisions for safe days out without needing advice. Your experience will include paddling a wide variety of sea conditions with winds over force 4 and/or tides over 2 Knots, using sea kayaks in tidal or non-tidal environments, where you may make open crossings in excess of 2Nm, as well as travelling along the coastline. Your experience enables you to make appropriate decisions for safe days out without needing advice. You are able to paddle white water on rivers of continuous grade 4 and maybe 5. Your roll is nearly always successful. As an Advanced White Water paddler you will have extensive experience of white water rivers. with a wide variety of different flows, volumes and gradients.

LCC Intermediate trip aligns broadly with BC definitions of a Moderate river, 

LCC Advanced trip aligns broadly with BC definitions Advanced river.

And a list of rivers that we typically, but not exclusively, use:

Typical LCC trips for levels of paddling ability

Beginner Improver Intermediate


Brathay Caldew (to Sebergham) Borrow Beck Arkle Beck  (Trees!)
Dee (Dent to Rash Bridge ) Cocker Crake (Trees!) Calder
Eamont Duddon (Below Ulpha Bridge for 2km) Dee ( Rash Bridge to Rawthey) Clough
Eden (Appleby to Lanagwathby ) Eden (Lazonby to Wetherall ) Duddon (from Ulpha Bridge) Cowside Beck
Eden (Langwathby to Lazonby ) Esk Great Langdale Beck  (Portage  PiIlar falls) Duddon (Seathwaite to Ulpha)
Kent Burneside to Scroggs weir Irthing (to Crammel Linn) Greta  (Keswick) Irthing (from Crammel Linn)
Lowther (Bampton to Askham ) Kent  (Stavely to Burneside) Hindburn (Portage Falls) Kent  ( Scroggs Weir Down)
Lune (Killington Sessions) Lowther (Rosgill to Brampton) Ingleton Greta Kent (Cowan Head)
Eden (Musgrave to Appleby ) Lune (Killington → Rawthey Conf) Little Langdale Beck Leck Beck (Portage Gorge)
Lune (Kirkby Lonsdale to Hornby ) Lune (Tebay to Beck foot) Lower Irthing Leith (Trees!)
Lune (Rigmaden to Kirkby Lonsdale ) Lyvennet Lowther  (Askham  to Penrith) Lune (Tebay Gorge)
Rawthey (Lower) Lowther  Wet Sleddle to  Rosgill Newlands Beck
Rothay Lune (Beck Foot to Killington) Rawthey (Upper)
Tees (Cotherstone to Barnard Castle) Mint Ribble
Wenning (Clapham Station to Bentham) Scandale Beck (Trees) Roeburn
Swindale Beck Sprint
Upper Derwent Tees (Low Force Section)
Wharfe Tees (BC to Winston Bridge)
Greenfields Beck/Upper Wharfe
Upper Caldew

The subtle difference between club paddling event and just ringing round your mates is that we have to be a little more organised. You club encourages you to use the RSVP system on the calendar, for joining trips. We want to avoid cliques developing and everyone to have the same opportunity to safely participate at their level of ability. More experienced paddlers have always been more than happy to assist / advise new members, we would like this to remain so. If you are happy to come along on trips that is great. You are most welcome.


  • Try to RSVP to a trip at least 48 hours before the trip
  • Don’t sign up for trip that is above your ability level
  • Removing RSVP if you are no longer attending
  • Be a good team member and stick to the plan as agreed with the organiser
  • If you are a guest (non-member) or intend to bring a guest along, contact the organiser beforehand to share your intention to paddle
  • If you are a regular or infrequent participant could you consider organising a trip   ( see trip organisers page for guidance)  to share the effort. This does not mean you have to lead on on the river /sea. Just co-ordinate the trip. Those attending will help / lead /advise on the day.
  • Non members must complete a guest form before joining a club trip.( LCC guest form)